Art of Public Squeeking

Art of Public Squeeking
Item# art-of-public-squeeking

This hilarious 48-page book by Doc Wayne will make the Squeeker the most popular comedy prank of the year!

What's a squeeker? We're glad you asked! The squeeker is a tiny device that you hide in your hand. When you squeeze it, it makes an absurd noise that just makes people smile. Since people can't see it, they'll think the 'squeek' is coming from whatever you're squeezing, touching or poking!

Squeek as you poke someone in the belly "I knew there was something funny about you!" Squeek when you stick your finger in your ear "Just got out of the shower - must be water on the brain!" Squeek as you press the elevator button "I think I'll take the stairs!"

Includes gags, jokes, routines and offbeat ideas for the Squeeker in every public situation-elevators, restaurants, work, school...even at the chiropractor! Comes with a genuine, factory tested, supreme quality squeeker.

Put the squeeze on it today!