Flash Tray

Flash Tray
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Your primary goal when performing magic is to create an intense emotional impact with your audience. Flash Tray allows you to introduce the most dramatic element, FIRE, in an ingenious, motivated way. Items placed inside of it inexplicably burst into flames at your command.

Flash Tray is designed to look like an ordinary ashtray - its small, empty and completely natural looking. Spectators can handle it and they won't discover its diabolical hi-tech secret. Yet it's so simple to control, you can concentrate entirely on your presentation.

Flash Tray offers you an array of possibilities. Included are 6 fully fleshed out and scripted routines from the brilliant mind of Christopher Rose, along with 12 other routines. Here's a short sampling:

  • Matches self-combust.
  • A torn-up billet vanishes in a ball of fire as you reveal its hidden information.
  • A spectator writes the word 'burn' on a piece of paper and places it in Flash Tray. After a moment of concentration, it bursts into flames.
  • A spectator's thought of coin appears in a fireball in the center of the empty tray.
  • A spectator's fear is written on a piece of paper and crumpled up. It bursts into flames - strangely the crumpled ball is still there. The spectator opens it up to discover their fear is now gone - the paper is blank!

Flash Tray can be performed close-up and surrounded. It works on any surface and can even be held by the spectator during performance. Custom designed from the ground up - its designed for years of service.

**Please keep in mind that although flash paper used to be included with Flash Tray, it is now NO LONGER INCLUDED. You will have to purchase your own flash paper for Flash Tray.

  • Examinable
  • Radio Control
  • Rechargeable - 50+ uses per charge
  • Flash Paper NOT included - you will have to buy your own flash paper.
  • 18 Routines