Steelfyre's Smoke Screen

I love smoke - to enhance a coin bend, punctuate the moment, or even as an effect in itself. Steelfyre's Smoke Screen is a new concept in smoke magic - a tiny and silent device that reliably produces clouds of smoke - whenever you need them. Just finger-palm Smoke Screen (its roughly the size of 4 half dollars) and gently squeeze - clouds of smoke will rise effortlessly from your fingers. There's no clothing restrictions, no get-ready’s, and no wires or tubes. It's literally grab and go.

Smoke Screen was the talk of the 2017 Magic Live Dealer Room - we completely sold out. I'm happy to announce that they're back in stock.

Mark Southworth's Double Cross is one of our biggest releases in history. The plot is simple - you draw an X own your palm and it vanishes - the spectator looks at their palm and an X has magically appeared - from nowhere!! Think of it as an ashes on palm for the 21st century - but much more impactful. Double Cross is self-contained and instantly resetting - all in a precision, long lasting gimmick. A table hopper's dream!

Have any questions? Just drop me a line.

Have a magical day – every day.

Chris Smith