Pearl Poodle

Pearl Poodle
Item# pearl-poodle

Smiles, chuckles, oohs and aahs are what await you when you perform this delightful little effect. Give these little Pearl Poodles out to your spectators - they'll never forget you!

After you've concluded your set of magic, annouce that you'd like to leave a little gift before you depart. Produce a small strand of pearls from your pocket. With just a few quick twists of the pearls, you transform the strand into a tiny pearl poodle, which you hand an audience member to keep!

Here are some great ideas with the Pearl Poodle:

Produce the poodle from a thumbtip. Use a squirt ring - he's not quite housebroken. Drop a single pearl in their hand - he had an accident! Tie your business card to the poodle's neck!

The Pearl Poodle comes with pearls (enough to make 25 poodles), step by step illustrated instructions plus patter by Doc Wayne. Oh yeah, we throw in a completely twisted pearl poodle - for your perusal!