Double Cross and Pyro Kinesis 2.0

Mark Southworth's Double Cross is ashes on the palm for the 21st century. It's 100% practical and 100% workable. Dan Sperry just performed it on the streets of NYC (below).

The new Pyro Kinesis 2.0 is almost here. PK2 is smaller than the original model, rechargeable and is just all around badass looking - which is an odd thing to say about a hidden palmable gimmick I know ;-). It's sleek, black, metal and now has a feedback led that acts as a charging indicator and status light when in use. The new instructional video includes handlings for both paper and wooden matches - its everything I always wanted the gimmick to be. Once you see it you'll agree there isn't a better way to make matches self-combust!

Have any questions? Just drop me a line.

Have a magical day every day.

Chris Smith

The new improved Departure is here! Departure was the first key-fob styled 'pull' ring flight. I've added some outstanding new features and improved others - plus I made it as tough as a battleship. It really is a dream redesign of my favorite ring flight.

FLASH TRAY allows you to introduce the most dramatic element, FIRE, in an ingenious, motivated way. Items placed inside of a small, empty and completely natural looking ashtray inexplicably burst into flames at your command.

IGNITION is starting fires all over the world. A car key penetrates any object and is IMMEDIATELY passed out for examination! Voted one of the top 3 tricks of 2012 by the Magic Cafe in the Tricks and Effects Forum.

TWILITE has been completely redesigned and improved for 2013. All new electronics and a realistic new design have been added to make this breathtaking illusion even better.