My primary goal when performing is to create an intense emotional impact with my audience. Flash Tray allows me to introduce the most dramatic element, FIRE, in an ingenious, motivated way.

I created Flash Tray with the goal of making the MOST NATURAL and technically advanced flaming ashtray ever. It's so below the radar, it will never be mistaken for a magic prop by your spectators, and the routines you can perform with it are astounding.

I commissioned the brilliant magician Christopher Rose to create 6 fully scripted routines for it. I've also included some incredible additional material including transpositions and transformations.

Flash Tray is wirelessly activated and rechargeable. I'm very excited about it. Click on the link and watch the promo video - it shows Flash Tray up close and personal.

Have any questions? Just drop me a line.

Have a magical day every day.

Chris Smith

IGNITION is starting fires all over the world. A car key penetrates any object and is IMMEDIATELY passed out for examination! Voted one of the top 3 tricks of 2012 by the Magic Cafe in the Tricks and Effects Forum.

TWILITE has been completely redesigned and improved for 2013. All new electronics and a realistic new design have been added to make this breathtaking illusion even better.