Double Cross and Pyro Kinesis 2.0

Mark Southworth's Double Cross is ashes on the palm for the 21st century. It's 100% practical and 100% workable. Dan Sperry just performed it on the streets of NYC (below).

The new Pyro Kinesis 2.0 is almost here - it will debut just in time for my 8 city tour with the Real Magic Roadshow in March 2015. PK2 is half the size of the original model, rechargeable and can be attached to a pull. The new instructional video will introduce new handlings both paper and wooden matches - its everything I always wanted the gimmick to be. Once you see it you'll agree there isn't a better way to make matches self-combust!

Have any questions? Just drop me a line.

Have a magical day every day.

Chris Smith

The new improved Departure is here! Departure was the first key-fob styled 'pull' ring flight. I've added some outstanding new features and improved others - plus I made it as tough as a battleship. It really is a dream redesign of my favorite ring flight.

FLASH TRAY allows you to introduce the most dramatic element, FIRE, in an ingenious, motivated way. Items placed inside of a small, empty and completely natural looking ashtray inexplicably burst into flames at your command.

IGNITION is starting fires all over the world. A car key penetrates any object and is IMMEDIATELY passed out for examination! Voted one of the top 3 tricks of 2012 by the Magic Cafe in the Tricks and Effects Forum.

TWILITE has been completely redesigned and improved for 2013. All new electronics and a realistic new design have been added to make this breathtaking illusion even better.