Double Cross Custom Stampers

Custom Double Cross Stampers take the effect to a whole new level. Instead making an 'X' appear, you can now have a heart, a checkmark, or even a selected card magically appear on their palm - and they'll swear you never touched them.

Imagine having a spectator 'select' a card and you shuffle it back into the deck. Now perform your favorite trick - ambitious, card to wallet ... you name it. At the end when you ask them to turn their hand over, their selected card is written on their palm!

There's several new stampers to choose from. They all work seamlessly with your existing Double Cross pen - just replace the X stamper with the custom stamper. All of the stamps are designed to look like they were drawn - none of them look 'stamped' - which integral to the impact of the effect.

Click on the Heart Stamper to the left to see all the new stampers we have to offer.

Mark Southworth's Double Cross is one of our biggest releases in history. The plot is simple - you draw an X own your palm and it vanishes - the spectator looks at their palm and an X has magically appeared - from nowhere!! Think of it as an ashes on palm for the 21st century - but much more impactful. Double Cross is self-contained and instantly resetting - all in a precision, long lasting gimmick. A table hopper's dream!

Have any questions? Just drop me a line.

Have a magical day every day.

Chris Smith